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My Mission: Getting European Fanta to America

In Blog on May 1, 2009 at 8:47 PM

During Spring Break ’09, my family and I went to Italy. Aside from the beautiful sights and amazing artwork, I fell in love with European Fanta – it’s amazing. My mission is to get European Fanta to America.

First of all, why is the European version so much better, anyway? Well, I started researching online and found that the ingredients in Fanta vary significantly from country to country. Furthermore, the percentage of orange juice also varies. In the US, no orange juice is used while in Europe varying percentages from 0-12 are used. I needed to find out why and what I could do to change this.

First, I called 1-800-GET-COKE, Coca-Cola’s main number. Surprisingly, I was greeted by a real person after only two computerized messages. I asked why the ingredients change so much from region to region, specifically with regards to the orange juice. After clearly shocking the poor lady with my question, I was put on hold. When she came back, she informed me that, while the base is manufactured at Coke’s headquarters, the final mix is under the control of the individual bottling companies. After looking up the Philadelphia Bottling Company’s phone number I called them and was informed that their Fanta “contains no juice.” I should have asked why, but didn’t and am considering calling again.

Now I needed to contact a bottling company that uses orange juice, so I looked up the bottler for Great Britain so I could speak to someone in English. Unfortunately, they were closed, so I couldn’t contact them immediately.

Then, I set out to contact as many bottlers as I could.

First, I called the largest bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and never got through.

The next bottler I tried to contact was Swire. On accident, I called an unrelated company owned by Swire who promptly hung up on me. After getting the correct number, I called Coca-Cola Swire and left a message and am awaiting a reply.

Next, I called Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated and, after failing at one phone number, they informed me that they put 3% orange juice in their Fanta Orange. Now how can I get some from their plant? I’m in Delaware and they serve North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. Since I wanted to find this 3% Orange Juice myself, I decided to contact retailers in Virginia to see if they got their Coke products from CCBCC so I could go and get myself some. I called a Wa-Wa in Upper Marlboro, MD and the kid had no idea so he told me to call the WaWa Corporate Office. They told me to call individual stores, which makes sense because different areas use different bottlers. I called a WaWa in Woodridge, VA and they get their Coke products from Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., the company I couldn’t get through to before, so I called them and left a message. Now, I still needed to find a store that received Coke products from CCBCC. After calling many WaWas, I decided I needed to call CCBCC and get a list of their clients closest to me, but, by that time, they were closed.

Next, I found a store called Trilini Imports in Brooklyn that carries a variety of European products. They must have closed because I didn’t get an answer.

Also, I read an article dated April 17th that says Fanta is going 100% all-natural in the US. Does this mean that they will now use orange juice?

Things to do tomorrow: Get the closest CCBCC-supplied store. Find out what Fantas Trilini Imports has and how much they cost. Find out what this 100% natural deal really means. Call Great Britain Bottling Company and get % orange juice and ask about a shipment to the US. Research importing laws and regulations.

See some videos of the calls on my youtube page.

  1. tada:

    ok, the dutch version, but still. enjoy. 🙂

  2. the greek fanta contains 20% orange juice, the highest in the world. This is because of a greek law that was made in order to protect the local orange producers.

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