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My Best Picture Nominations

In Awards, Features, Lists, News on January 25, 2010 at 10:52 PM

On Friday, the polls closed for the nominations for the Academy Awards. Each of the 5,777 members of the Academy must have had their ballot in by eight o’clock for it to count.

I am not a member of the Academy, but I’m already excited for the Oscars. It’s not really the awards that I love, but the nominations. I love scrambling to see as many nominated films as I can in one month. This year, I got a little ahead of myself and tried preempting the nominations and seeing the films before they were announced. This got me thinking about all the movies I have seen this past year and I decided to create what my nominations would be.

Really, you can think of this as a My Favorite Films of ’09, but I had to think of a clever twist that explains my tardiness.

After pouring through the 274 eligible films, I found that I had seen 36 of them. Before I get to the list, just a few notes: 1:  I’m only considering movies I have actually seen, and there are many on the list that I am dying to see. 2: Foreign Language and Documentary films are included in my list, even though if I was actually a member of the Academy, these would be in their respective categories. 3: These are my favorites, not what I think the Academy at large would pick. And 4: Originally I planned on a quick blurb with each post, but I’m going to save that for closer to the awards ceremony.

On to the list!

#10: Il Divo

#9: District 9

#8: Capitalism: A Love Story

#7: Up

#6: The Hurt Locker

#5: Moon

#4: (500) Days of Summer

#3: Inglourious Basterds

#2: Tetro

#1: Up in the Air

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