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What I Watched This Week (Feb. 14-Feb. 20)

In Features, What I Watched This Week on February 21, 2010 at 2:21 PM

This was a slow week for my movie viewing. I’m not sure what happened, but all-of-a-sudden the week flew by. In any case, I was treated to two very special theater-going experiences this week: Seeing Shutter Island at midnight and catching all 10 of the Oscar-nominated short films on the big screen.

2/18Macbeth (1971): I watched this in my high school English class over the past two weeks. What a horrible way to view a film. I cannot really make an accurate judgement after watching this film in several parts. (And the VHS was pan-and-scan, which bugs me to no end!) Overall, I didn’t like this movie. I guess it’s the language, but the acting seemed so unnatural and the overall feeling of the movie was silly. However, the ending of the movie was excellent. Starting with the shot of Macbeth looking into the distance at the approaching army, I don’t know how, but the movie was actually very good. That is the only reason I’m giving this 3 stars.

2/19 – Shutter Island: I saw this at midnight and I’m certainly glad I did. What an amazing film. (And it my first Scorsese picture on the big screen.) I loved this movie, see my full review.

2/20The 10 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Once again, Theatre N, my local independent theater came through and showed all 10 of the Oscar shorts in one day. What a delightful experience. Read about my thoughts on each one specifically here.

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