Billy Soistmann

What I Watched This Week (Feb. 21-Feb. 27)

In Features, What I Watched This Week on February 28, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Wow, another slow movie-watching week. I really have been running short on time these past few weeks. This week, my Mock Trial competition got in the way, and I spent most of my time prepping for that. I had hoped to get a review of each Best Picture Nominee out each day leading up to the awards, but I’m going to have to post two-a-day starting March 1st. Anyway, I’ll be busy working on those ten reviews, so this coming week will probably be another movie-scarce week.

2/18 – An Education (1971): This was the final Best Picture nominee that I hadn’t seen. Overall, this was an excellent film. The characters are real, and the journey that the main character goes through is enlightening, albeit a tad disappointing in the end. This movie was shot beautifully and features terrific acting from the entire cast. Look for my full review next week during my Best Picture Countdown.

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