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What I Watched This Week (March 14-20)

In Features, What I Watched This Week on March 21, 2010 at 7:17 PM

This week, I filmed my school’s production of High School Musical (not my choice) and took the SAT, and both of those took up a lot of my movie-watching time. I was only able to catch one film, but it was a good one. I also got a writing gig over at Atomic Popcorn, which is awesome, so this week turned out well.

3/14 – Revolutionary Road (2008): This movie first entered my radar when it was nominated for several Oscars last year, but I never got around to see it. Last Sunday, I caught it on HBO and was impressed. It is very well-told story about struggling to break free of suburban hell. I’ve never liked this whole idea of the “nuclear family” and suburbia in general, so I can identify with the main characters. Through a bad series of events, both reveal their flaws and this eventually leads to their downfall. RR is a tragedy in the purest sense. The directing was, unsurprisingly, great, but the acting was superb. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio really own their characters. Overall, this was an excellent film.

3/15The Art of the Steal (2010): I traveled up to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute to see this documentary with a discussion afterwards with the director Don Argott and producers. It also happened that some of the main interviewees in the film were also at the screening. It was an extremely well-made, albeit one-sided account of the struggle to “save” the Barnes Collection, an immeasurably valuable collection of modern impressionist art that currently resides in Lower Merion, PA. I loved the movie and you can see my full review over at Atomic Popcorn.


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